Katie’s Health and Wellness Journey.



  1. FavouRite Place: Lake Rotoiti NZ, many memorable childhood summers were spent here and it is still my favOURITE summer holiday location.

  2. Dream super power: How great would it be to fly or teleport.

  3. Daily Nonnegotiable: 10 minutes of meditation, my favOURITE meditation app to use is 1 Giant Mind. I am a better person when I meditate.

  4. FavoURite Meal: I love avocado or a few squares of dark chocolate. But you can’t beat a lamb roast with all the trimmings. Serious nostalgia.

  5. FavoURite form of exercise: I enjoy a good nature walk and I also like to mix it up by practicing Ashtanga yoga.


Most days humans are exposed to an abundance of information regarding health and wellness, advertising of supplements that will fix all health issues or a new eating regime that is more than often unrealistic to maintain.

It is no surprise this information overload has lead many people to feel anxious, confused and to believe pursuing a health journey is simply too hard.

Around the time I was completing my Bachelor of Consumer and Applied Science majoring in Food Science my own personal health journey began. Suffering from extreme digestive issues and fatigue, I was a female in her mid-twenties who should have been enjoying some of the best years of her life. Instead, I was living with minimal energy, severe bloating, discomfort and was unable to digest many foods.   

After my own extensive research and visiting many health practitioners, I realised a holistic approach to my health was my best option. Once the root cause of my concerns had been pinpointed I was able to shift my mindset from treating the symptoms to focussing my energy on repairing the cause.

As my journey continued to progress my interest in health and wellness continued to evolve. I saw the need to reduce the “trial and error “approach to health care and support others who feel isolated or lost for answers. This saw me complete a Certificate in Integrative Nutrition and Health Coaching through IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and spend the most recent three years of my career working for one of New Zealand’s leading holistic health clinics.

At Katie Jane Wellness there are no predetermined treatment plans nor will I place a band-aid over your current issues. Instead, I work intuitively with you incorporating nutrition recommendations, discovering and eliminating food intolerances and improving your gastrointestinal health. While exploring in depth your personal lifestyle patterns, stress indicators and the quality of our FAVORITE friend, sleep.

My aim as a Holistic Health Practitioner is to provide all my clients with simple tools to create realistic long-term habits that they feel confident to maintain at home. I can’t promise you that your health journey will be easy, but I can ensure you that you will receive the support to achieve balance, enjoyment and to build a positive foundation that will allow you to live the life you deserve. 

Based in Gisborne but offering services to the whole of New Zealand,

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