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1.    Treating the cause. Once the root cause of any presenting symptoms has been pinpointed we can shift our energy to focus on repairing the many factors creating the overall health concern.   

2.    Small Changes. It is my belief that significant and rapid life changes are unrealistic and often lead to disappointment. Health must always be viewed as an ongoing journey, not a glistening perfect destination.

3.    Relax often. Find ways to manage and reduce stress and incorporate these into your daily lifestyle. The most beneficial advice I was once given and reiterate often to my clients is to simply stop and rest. 

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We don’t bandaid - we invest in the whole picture.




No predetermined treatment plans. We don’t assume the underlying cause, we first need to understand. 

WE don’t just treat the cause; instead, we provide clients with the complete toolkit for naturally inspired health.

WE create achievable and realistic long-term habits that patients feel confident to follow on their own.

We take a holistic approach and work intuitively with what is best for each individual client. 

not about quick fixes. Building a new lifestyle takes time and determination this is where KJW supports clients each step of the journey emotionally and physically.